I really love ScOOter Repacks and I want to donate as a sign of appreciation! How can I do it? First of all, thank you! Second, well you can donate to us via crypto! As you guys all know we have a seedbox, site hosting, and domain to pay! Currently we are spending more than 100$ per month.

Bitcoin: bc1qn2mz4ksaplvwz06qh4kmnh2h9w2qnsujjvpldz

Ethereum: 0x3b8E9783a47CDD16897F38D3fC1541A181f1584c

Monero (XMR): 46GtjYhxMk8JVT1w1BqAUV6JLB7orAcFFaP4BUKh4LqgLb5NYRQCuA9bgHp6Y7pNiqSAugeAWTCtcEXMfMorm5S35Lkkw9Y

Tether USD (USDT): 0x3b8E9783a47CDD16897F38D3fC1541A181f1584c

If you do donate we from ScOOter Repacks will say a big thank you for supporting us! Join our discord server to get a special role for this 😀

Where can I get crypto?


Lots of cryptos:

When withdrawing bitcoins from either site, if you want to donate to me, paste not your address, but one of the address on top!

Check this tutorial for help on buying cyrpto: